Warrior Protection

Gear de preparación para la WoTLK

  1. Cloak of the Shadowed Sun L80 Epic (Naxxramas-25)
  2. Platinum Mesh Cloak L80 Epic (Badge reward - 25 Emblem of Valor)
  3. Gale-Proof Cloak L80 Epic (Obsidian Sanctum 10-man)
  4. Durable Nerubhide Cape L80 Epic (BOE Crafted - recipe)
  5. Cloak of Armed Strife L80 Epic (Naxxramas 10-man)
  6. Cloak of the Enemy L80 Rare (The Nexus 5-man heroic)
  7. Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions L78 Rare (Faction Reward: The Wyrmrest Accord - Honored)
  8. Bloodbane's Resolve Rare (Quest: The Fate of Bloodbane)
  9. Crimson Paragon's Cover L70 Epic (Pre-WOTLK: Eredar Twins)
  10. Cloak of Gushing Wound L80 Rare (?? 5-man heroic)
  11. Slikk's Cloak of Placation L70 Epic (Pre-WOTLK: 35 Badges of Justice)
  12. Flowing Cloak of Command L80 Rare (Old Stratholme 5-man)
  13. Pepe's Shroud of Pacification L70 Epic (Pre-WOTLK: Trash mobs de MH)
  14. Earthbound Cape L72 Rare (BOE Drop)
  15. Thick Goblin Back Protector L74 Rare (Vendor)
  16. Cloak of the Hardened Tortoise Uncommon (Quest: Making Peace)
  17. Cloak of Tormented Skies L76 Uncommon (recipe)
  18. Centrifuge Core Cloak L80 Rare (The Oculus 5-man)


  1. Titanweave: +16 Defense Rating
  2. Mighty Armor: +225 Armor
  3. Superior Agility: +16 Agility


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